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Nancy Pelosi Does WHAT To ATTACK Trump?

Image credit: Washington Times

She’s willing to do anything to attack Trump.

According to CNS News, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi posted an entire article from the New York Times which shows her attack on President Donald Trump on her website.

“Speaker Nancy Pelosi doesn’t bother watching President Trump’s lengthy daily televised briefings on the coronavirus pandemic,” Pelosi reposted. “‘I don’t watch his shows,’ she said in an interview Wednesday. ‘I don’t have time to watch him contradict himself from one day to the next.’”

“Still,” the New York Times’s story continues, “Ms. Pelosi, who is now deprived of the official trapping of the Capitol with Congress in an extended virus-instigated recess, is trying to counter the president’s White House sessions with her own media blitz from her kitchen in San Francisco.”

“If he [Trump] tells more falsehoods, if he conveys more falsehoods again and again, they almost become factoids—not quite a fact,” Pelosi is quoted as saying. “He is eclipsing the truth, and you cannot let somebody who is not telling the truth say it so often.” You can read the full article here.

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