A Surprising Celebrity CRITICIZES the “African-American” Term, You’ll Never Guess Who

Hollywood icon Morgan Freeman recently made headlines with his criticism of Black History Month and the term “African-American.” While some praised Freeman for his bold stance, others were quick to criticize his comments as insensitive or out of touch.

Freeman argued that Black History Month is an “insult” and that the term “African-American” is inaccurate and limiting. He also criticized the fact that other ethnic groups, such as “Irish-Americans” and “Italian-Americans,” are often labeled by their heritage, while white Americans are not.

These comments have sparked debate among Republicans and Democrats alike. While some agree with Freeman’s perspective on these issues, others argue that he is overlooking the importance of recognizing and celebrating black history.

Regardless of where you stand on these issues, it’s important to engage in thoughtful and respectful dialogue about race and identity in America. Morgan Freeman’s comments may be controversial, but they offer an opportunity for us to explore and challenge our own assumptions and beliefs.

Source https://www.foxnews.com/media/morgan-freeman-tears-apart-black-history-month-insult-going-relegate-history-month