Americans Clash Over President’s Performance, This News Will Fuel the Fire

As President Biden’s approval rating drops, Americans in Washington D.C. give mixed reviews of his performance. Some praised his handling of the economy and construction work, while others were highly critical of his mismanagement.

Brandy from Ohio, gave Biden a grade lower than F, stating that the country is being mismanaged to a severe degree. On the other hand, a Delaware man gave Biden an A, stating that he inherited a terrible situation and handled it well.

Kevin, also from Ohio, gave Biden an F, believing that he is not helping the country’s debt situation. Emily from Alabama gave Biden a D-plus, feeling that he has not fulfilled many of his promises and failed to unify the country as he had promised.

Despite mixed reviews, Biden’s approval rating sunk from 45% to 38% in March, according to an Associated Press/NORC Center survey of more than 1,000 adults.