Another Admission From Biden, You’ll Never GUESS What It Is

President Biden’s recent remarks shed light on the enduring chaos at the U.S.-Mexico border, a situation that has been left unaddressed for far too long. While speaking to reporters, Biden acknowledged the existence of chaos and stressed the need to fully fund border security efforts.

Since assuming office in January 2021, the Biden administration has missed crucial opportunities to tackle the border crisis effectively.

Despite having Democratic control in Congress, including the House of Representatives and a tie-breaking majority in the Senate, they chose to ignore the issue and even impede previous border reinforcement initiatives.

Under the Biden administration, allocated funding for border security went unused, legal actions were taken against measures that filled gaps in the border, successful policies like “Remain in Mexico” were terminated, and the extension of Title 42 was neglected. These decisions led to a surge in illegal immigration and exacerbated the chaotic situation at the border.

During his recent conversation with the press, President Biden indirectly attributed the inadequate response to a divided Congress, claiming they failed to provide sufficient funding for the Border Patrol.

Source Fox News