Another attempt to rig AI with dangerous ideologies—you won’t believe who.

The Biden administration’s approach to artificial intelligence (AI) is cause for concern among conservative voters who hold firm to their values. Research conducted by the American Accountability Foundation (AAF) sheds light on a concerted effort to inject woke ideology into AI systems.

Under the pretext of combating algorithmic discrimination and harmful bias, the Biden administration is attempting to manipulate AI to conform to the rules of the woke left. This ideological influence is driven not by scientists but by racially obsessed social academics and activists. The implications of this alignment between technology and progressive ideology are deeply troubling.

One alarming example is the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy’s release of the “Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights.” The document warns of algorithmic discrimination and calls for biased equity assessments as part of AI system design. Such an approach risks undermining the fairness and integrity of AI technology.

Arati Prabhakar, director of Biden’s Office of Science and Technology Policy, has been vocal about promoting data equity and fighting algorithmic discrimination. While these goals may sound laudable, there is a legitimate concern that they open the door to potential bias and the manipulation of AI systems to further a progressive agenda.

The National Artificial Intelligence Research and Development Strategic Plan, released under Prabhakar’s purview, highlights the need to combat “harmful biases” and acknowledges that AI systems can recapitulate biases from unfiltered internet data. While addressing bias is important, it is essential to maintain the neutrality and effectiveness of AI in order to serve all Americans fairly.

The appointment of Miriam Vogel, president and CEO of EqualAI, as chair of the National AI Advisory Committee raises additional red flags. While EqualAI aims to reduce unconscious bias in AI, there is a concern that it may inadvertently introduce biases aligned with its own agenda.

Conservative voters must be vigilant and recognize the threat posed by the woke AI agenda. It undermines the core principles of fairness, individual liberty, and equal opportunity that conservatives hold dear. It is imperative to stay informed, voice concerns, and advocate for AI systems that remain impartial and unbiased, ensuring they serve the best interests of all Americans.

Source Fox News