Another Biden blunder: Guess who Democrats are rallying behind.

The latest poll conducted by Suffolk University/USA Today has illuminated an alarming trend among Democratic Biden voters: 86% of them are comfortable with Vice President Kamala Harris potentially assuming the presidency if President Joe Biden is unable to serve his full term. This revelation should serve as a wake-up call to Republicans, highlighting the growing influence of Harris within the Democratic Party and the potential consequences for conservative values and policies.

Despite President Biden’s underwhelming approval ratings, Harris continues to enjoy strong support among Democrats, with 73% approving of her job as vice president, according to a previous Fox News poll. This unwavering confidence in Harris indicates that a vote for Biden essentially translates into a vote for Harris. It is imperative for Republicans to understand and respond effectively to this reality.

Nikki Haley, a prominent Republican presidential contender, has sounded the alarm, reminding Americans that the 2024 election is not solely about Joe Biden. During a recent interview with Fox News, Haley emphasized, “Let’s be very clear. A vote for President Biden is actually a vote for President Harris. We are running against Kamala Harris.” Haley’s remarks underscore the concerns surrounding Biden’s ability to serve another four years and the increasing probability of a Harris presidency.

However, the poll also sheds light on the inherent challenges within the Democratic Party. Harris’s overall approval rating among likely voters remains at a lackluster 37%, as highlighted by a recent Monmouth University poll. This signifies a significant lack of support for Harris beyond the Democratic base. Furthermore, the poll reveals that 37% of Democratic and independent respondents express reservations about Biden’s age impacting their likelihood to vote for him, while 56% claim it makes no difference. These divisions within the Democratic Party present an opportunity for Republicans to sway undecided voters and present a compelling alternative to the Biden-Harris ticket.

As we approach the upcoming election, the potential of a Kamala Harris presidency cannot be underestimated. Republicans must remain vigilant and mobilize their base to prevent the erosion of conservative values and principles. It is crucial to present a strong and united front, offering a clear and compelling vision for the future of our nation.

The Suffolk University/USA Today poll serves as a stark reminder that the battle for America’s soul continues. Republican voters must be actively engaged and committed to selecting leaders who will champion the values that have defined our great nation. Together, we can shape a brighter future for all Americans

Source Fox News