Another Biden BLUNDER, Guess Who’s Avoiding the Media Spotlight

Questions continue to swirl about President Biden’s reluctance to take questions from reporters, and tensions between the White House and the press are on the rise.

During a recent exchange with reporters, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre defended the President’s handling of the press, claiming that he has taken ‘more shouted questions’ than any previous President.

While it is important for the press to be able to ask tough questions of our elected officials, it is also important for the President to be able to communicate his message effectively. We must strike a balance between press access and the President’s ability to govern effectively.

However, it is concerning that President Biden seems reluctant to engage with the press and answer their questions. A free and open press is essential to a healthy democracy, and it is important that the President does not shy away from tough questions.

We must continue to hold our elected officials accountable and demand transparency from our government. It is essential that the press be allowed to do their job and ask tough questions, no matter who is in the White House.