Another Biden BLUNDER, Guess Who’s Ignoring Their Child

Hunter Biden’s treatment of his daughter, Navy Joan, is disgraceful. He has refused to acknowledge his paternity of the 4-year-old girl and is fighting to prevent her from using the Biden name.

The Bidens’ behavior towards their own granddaughter is hypocritical, given Joe Biden’s long-standing campaign against deadbeat dads. Hunter’s delay and evasion of filings and depositions led a court to repeatedly threaten sanctions.

It is hard to imagine the pain that this child will experience upon learning of how the Bidens erased any reference to her and fought even her ability to claim to be a member of their family.

After opposing efforts to even establish that he is her father and his continued effort to limit child support, Hunter is telling the court that he would not want the child to bear his name for her own good and to guarantee her a “peaceful existence.”

The media’s treatment of Navy Joan’s mother, Lunden Roberts, is equally appalling. Despite her decision to have her child and raise her on her own, fighting one of the most powerful families in the world, she has been belittled and dismissed as a “former stripper.”

As Republicans, we must stand up for what’s right and demand justice for Navy Joan and all children who are denied the support and love they deserve. The Bidens’ hypocrisy towards their own granddaughter is unacceptable and must be exposed.

Source Fox News