Another Biden BLUNDER, Guess Who’s Speaking Out Now

Fellow Americans who understand the value of conservative principles, let’s delve into a pressing issue that affects our energy independence. The Biden administration’s crackdown on gas-fired plants is not just an attack on energy, but on our economic strength and sovereignty. It’s time to unveil the truth and champion a rational approach.

Our power grid operators, the unsung heroes of our energy system, are sounding the alarm. The administration’s aggressive stance on gas-fired plants threatens our grid’s reliability. As renewable energy takes center stage, the necessity of gas-fired plants cannot be ignored.

The vitality of our grid hinges on maintaining and investing in existing units. However, the administration’s proposal jeopardizes this crucial stability, putting our energy security at risk.

Carbon capture technology, promoted as a silver bullet, remains far from ready. If it falters, our power supply could suffer, leaving us vulnerable.

The EPA’s power plant regulations are another piece of the puzzle. While they claim environmental benefits, they force coal plants to confront untenable choices: shut down or invest in costly, unproven technology. This translates to increased costs for American families.

As conservatives, we must stand united. Our energy independence is a linchpin of our sovereignty and prosperity. Let’s demand policies that make sense, protect our energy security, and keep our economy strong.

Source Fox News