ANOTHER Biden-Kamala Harris FLOP, You Won’t Guess Why This Time

Coign’s Cassie Smedile and former Democratic congressional candidate Desiree Tims also discussed Bill Maher’s recent comments on climate activists. Maher criticized the activists for their extreme positions and their unwillingness to engage in constructive dialogue with those who disagree with them.


Smedile agreed with Maher’s criticism, arguing that the activists’ extreme positions have made it difficult to find common ground and make progress on important environmental issues. She believes that there needs to be a more constructive dialogue between environmentalists and those in the energy industry in order to find solutions that work for everyone.

Tims, on the other hand, defended the activists, arguing that their extreme positions are necessary to draw attention to the urgent need to address climate change. She believes that there needs to be a sense of urgency and a willingness to take bold action if we want to save the planet for future generations.

While there may be different opinions on how best to address climate change, Smedile and Tims both agreed that it’s important to have a constructive dialogue and work towards finding solutions that work for everyone.