Another Biden Move, You’ll Never GUESS Who’s Behind It

The Biden administration’s climate change agenda is becoming more radical by the day. Their latest plan is to shut down half of our electric power plants and eliminate fossil fuels from our energy supply altogether. However, this will cause dangerous blackouts and brownouts, just like in Third World countries.

Their plan to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions will force most of our gas- and coal-fired plants to be technologically incapable of complying. They are expecting coal and gas plants to pay for carbon offsets to make up for their carbon emissions, which will result in much higher utility bills.

This is a dangerous assault on the American free enterprise system and U.S. global leadership. Their new EPA regulations aren’t about breathing cleaner air or changing the temperature of the planet. They are about eliminating fossil fuels and turning off the lights on the U.S. economy.

We cannot let the Biden administration cripple our industrial economy. We need to preserve our energy supply and protect our American free enterprise system. Do not let them turn off the lights on America.

Source Fox News