Another Family Drama Unraveling, You’ll Never GUESS Who’s At The Center

As Republicans, we believe in accountability for our actions, especially when it comes to the treatment of the most vulnerable among us. But when it comes to Hunter Biden and his treatment of his daughter, Navy Joan, the media has been silent.

Despite Joe Biden’s long campaigning against deadbeat dads, his son had refused to acknowledge that he was the father of Navy Joan. After a court forced him to confirm his paternity through DNA testing, he continued to fight paying support for his child.

It is hard to imagine the pain that this child will experience upon learning of how the Bidens erased any reference to her and fought even her ability to claim to be a member of their family. Hunter’s delay and evasion of filings and depositions led a court to repeatedly threaten sanctions.

Despite assembling a new team of high-priced lawyers and advisers, Hunter is claiming that he simply cannot meet demands for child support. Given his opposition to such support for years and reported millions in foreign dealings, it would seem transparently absurd.

The Bidens have erased any reference to Navy Joan and fought even her ability to claim to be a member of their family. It is time for the media to do its job and hold the Bidens accountable for their monstrous treatment of this little girl. The American people deserve to know the truth about the Bidens and their disregard for the most vulnerable among us.

Source Fox News