Another Legal Twist That Could Turn The Tables On Trump’s Case

Attorney Alan Dershowitz recently criticized the indictment brought by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg against former President Donald Trump.

Despite not being a political supporter of Trump, Dershowitz argued that the indictment is absurd and politically motivated. He went on to say that Trump won’t receive a fair trial in Manhattan since judges and prosecutors lean left.

Dershowitz warned that Bragg could face up to five years in prison if found guilty of leaking details of Trump’s indictment to the media. Leaking grand jury testimony to the public is a Class E felony in New York.

Dershowitz also pointed out that using former Trump attorney Michael Cohen as a witness could damage Bragg’s reputation and cost him his bar license. He further suggested that whoever leaked the sealed indictment is the person guilty of the only felony in this case.

Finally, Dershowitz argued that it appears Bragg’s theory is that Trump should have disclosed why he paid for a non-disclosure agreement to adult film star Stormy Daniels.

He believes this allegation is unprecedented and represents selective prosecution.

Source conservativebrief