Another Major Media Outlet Faces Twitter’s Wrath!


Twitter labels Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) as “government-funded media.”
CBC, which receives over two-thirds of its funding from the Canadian government, pauses activities on its main Twitter account.
Conservatives celebrate the revelation with the trending hashtag #GoodbyeCBC and an outpouring of memes.

Twitter exposes CBC’s government funding, similar to NPR.
CBC’s 2021-2022 annual report shows 70% of its funding comes from the Canadian government.
The company pauses activities on its main Twitter account in response.
The hashtag #GoodbyeCBC trends as conservatives celebrate the exposure.
Memes and reactions mock CBC’s claim of being “impartial and independent.”
As Republicans, we should be thrilled with Twitter’s move to expose the truth about CBC’s government ties. This revelation sheds light on the inherent bias that exists in media outlets such as CBC. The trending hashtag #GoodbyeCBC and the abundance of memes demonstrate that we, as conservatives, are not alone in our desire for transparency and impartiality in media.

We must continue to scrutinize and challenge biased, government-funded media organizations, and demand transparency. By doing so, we can combat the liberal narrative that has long dominated our media landscape. This victory is not only for conservatives but for anyone who values honest, unbiased journalism.