Another Political Speech Gets Ambushed, But You’ll Never GUESS Who

Far-left activists from a Jewish group called “IfNotNow” disrupted Ron DeSantis’ fundraising speech in New Hampshire on Friday night. They got on stage and screamed, “JEWS AGAINST DESANTIS!” But the Florida governor didn’t let their antics get to him.

“You gotta have a little spice in the speech, right?” DeSantis joked. “I mean you gotta have a little fun…..Why you’d want to pay the ticket to get in just to do that, I don’t know, but different strokes for different folks.”

DeSantis’ quick-witted response shows that he’s not easily rattled by leftist protesters. It’s a testament to his strength as a leader that he didn’t let the activists’ disruptive behavior throw him off his game.

IfNotNow is a progressive Jewish organization opposed to Israel’s alleged “system of apartheid.” Their website says they were founded in 2014 and are known for staging protests. But this disruption of DeSantis’ speech shows that they’re willing to use their platform to promote their views, even if it means interrupting someone else’s event.

This incident is just one example of the left’s increasing intolerance for differing viewpoints. Instead of engaging in civil discourse, they resort to shouting down their opponents and disrupting events. It’s a disturbing trend that threatens the very fabric of our democracy.

DeSantis’ ability to stay cool under pressure is a refreshing change of pace from the chaos and divisiveness of the Biden administration. Republicans need more leaders like him who won’t back down in the face of leftist intimidation.