Another Silent Player In Biden’s Scandal, You’ll Never Guess Who


In a recent interview, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) hinted that former President Barack Obama might have been aware of the controversial business deals involving the Biden family. Comer’s claims suggest that Obama viewed the Biden family’s activities as a political liability and raises questions about his level of endorsement for Joe Biden’s presidential campaign.

The investigation into the Biden family’s affairs has faced challenges, including witness intimidation and potential cover-ups during the Obama administration.


  1. Obama’s knowledge: Comer’s statement implies that Obama had information about the Biden family’s questionable business dealings, indicating a potential lack of transparency during his administration.
  2. Political liability: The implications of Obama’s awareness raise concerns about his endorsement of Joe Biden’s campaign, suggesting that the former president might have had reservations due to ethical implications.
  3. Witness intimidation: Witnesses coming forward despite facing intimidation from Hunter Biden’s legal team highlight the importance of their bravery in seeking truth and justice.
  4. Criminal charges: Hunter Biden’s lawyers meeting with the Department of Justice and the involvement of an IRS whistleblower indicate the possibility of criminal charges and potential political interference.
  5. Accountability and transparency: The American people deserve transparency and accountability in investigating any illicit activities involving the Biden family.


The revelations surrounding Obama’s awareness of the Biden family’s dubious deals and potential cover-ups during his administration should alarm every American.

It raises serious questions about the integrity of the previous administration and the level of trust the public can place in our elected officials.

Witness intimidation and threats only serve to further tarnish the reputation of those involved. It is essential that these brave individuals receive protection and support as they shed light on potential corruption and wrongdoing.

The pursuit of justice must continue unabated, regardless of political affiliations. The American people deserve transparency and accountability, and those involved in any illicit activities should face the consequences.

Source Fox News