Another Surprise Online, You’ll Never Guess Whose Pictures are Now Public

A new website called has released thousands of photos from Hunter Biden’s laptop, covering the years 2008 to 2019. The founder, Garrett Ziegler, emphasizes truth and transparency while redacting sensitive information.

The collection includes two exclusive photos provided to Fox News Digital, revealing Hunter Biden’s personal life and drug-related conversations. The website aims to present an authentic account of the Bidens, allowing the American people to form their own opinions.


  1. provides an unprecedented look into the lives of the Bidens through thousands of photos.
  2. Garrett Ziegler and his team have meticulously reviewed and redacted sensitive information, focusing on truth and transparency.
  3. Two exclusive photos reveal Hunter Biden’s personal relationships and drug-related conversations.
  4. The website offers an authentic portrayal of the Bidens’ lives, excluding content without news value.
  5. Additional video releases are expected, but the censoring process will take time due to explicit content.

Commentary: offers a unique opportunity to explore the personal lives of the Bidens. By providing an authentic account, the American people can make informed judgments about their first family. The website’s commitment to truth and transparency ensures a comprehensive understanding of the photos.

As more revelations emerge, the public must remain engaged and consider the impact of these findings on our society and political landscape.

Source Fox News