Avril Lavigne SLAMS Woke Protester At Juno Awards, It’s What She Said That Will Make You Smile

Avril Lavigne made headlines on Monday night at the 2023 Juno Awards when a topless protester interrupted her introduction of performer AP Dhillon. The protester had several statements written on her body, including “Stop logging old growth now,” “land back,” and “Save the Greenblatt.”

Lavigne tried to ignore the protester until security stepped in to escort the woman offstage. But before she left, Lavigne had a message for the protester.

“Get the f— off,” Lavigne told the protester. “Get the f— off, b–ch.”

Social media users and viewers praised Lavigne for her bold response, with many journalists and reporters also giving her credit. Lavigne later referenced the protestor in her tweet after the awards show, thanking her fans for voting for her and saying, “Let’s keep rocking and cheers to the next 20 years! P.S. – ‘Get the f*ck off **tch!”

Lavigne’s attitude towards the protester is a reminder that sometimes you have to take control and stand up for what you believe in.

As Republicans, we should also be mindful of the issues the protester was raising awareness for, including environmental protection and government decision-making. Let’s follow Lavigne’s lead and take action towards finding solutions that benefit both the economy and the planet.