Behind the Scenes, You’ll Never Guess The Biden Family’s Hidden Scandals

Representative James Comer from Kentucky has criticized President Biden’s recent trip to Ireland with his son, Hunter Biden, who is currently under investigation for his business dealings. Comer called Hunter’s inclusion in the trip a “sad part of our American history” and expressed concerns about his bank violations.

Reports suggest that Hunter is suspected of money laundering, being an unregistered foreign agent, taking money from sanctioned countries, and doing business with agencies under investigation for human trafficking. Comer said that the banks’ own words confirmed these suspicions.

Comer believes that this story is only getting worse every day, with every new discovery leading to more bank records and direct deposits from adversaries around the world. He hopes that his committee can give a report to the American people about all the wrongdoing that the Biden family is involved in.

It is alarming that Hunter Biden was included in the President’s trip to Ireland, given the ongoing investigations into his business dealings.

The reports of his bank violations are concerning and should be investigated thoroughly. The American people deserve transparency and accountability from their leaders.