Biden Administration’s New Avoidance Strategy, You’ll Never Guess Who’s Implementing It

Vice President Kamala Harris is once again facing criticism for her handling of the border crisis. While thousands of migrants continue to pour across the border following the expiration of Title 42, Harris chose to attend a fundraiser in Atlanta, conveniently avoiding any mention of the pressing immigration issue.

Republicans in Georgia condemned Harris’s visit, calling it “deplorable” that she would campaign for funds while the border crisis spirals out of control and inflation skyrockets. Former Senator Kelly Loeffler accused Harris of failing to show leadership and empathy for the border communities that are bearing the brunt of the crisis.

Harris’s response to the criticism was to shift the blame onto Congress, echoing the talking points of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. This attempt to deflect responsibility only highlights the lack of leadership and accountability within the administration.

As Biden’s designated “border czar,” Harris has failed to effectively address the mass migration issue since assuming her role in March 2021. Border encounters have reached record highs, with no signs of the situation improving.

This failure raises serious doubts about her competence and commitment to solving the crisis.

The recent judicial intervention, with a federal judge blocking the administration’s policy to release migrants without court dates, further underscores the flawed approach taken by the Biden administration.

Source Fox News