Biden Family’s China Payments, You’ll Easily Guess WHY They’re Hiding It

As a conservative opinion writer, I find the explanations given by the White House and Hunter Biden’s legal team regarding the China-linked payments made to the Biden family in 2017 to be highly questionable.

The House Oversight Committee has revealed that over $1 million in payments were made to the Biden family through accounts connected to Hunter Biden’s associate Rob Walker and their Chinese business ventures.

These transactions involved a joint venture called Sinohawk Holdings, which included Hunter Biden, Rob Walker, and other business partners.

The venture was intended to partner with the Chinese energy firm CEFC. Despite Hunter Biden’s legal team’s claim that these transactions were part of a legitimate joint venture, the suspicious nature of these payments cannot be ignored.

Given Hunter Biden’s financial struggles at the time, it’s reasonable to question whether his involvement in these transactions was driven by necessity rather than legitimate business opportunities.

As Republicans, we must remain vigilant in holding the Biden family and the current administration accountable for their actions and demand greater transparency regarding these payments.