Biden’s Frustration with Kamala Harris, You’ll Want to Read This Breaking News

A recent report from Reuters reveals that President Biden is reportedly frustrated with Vice President Kamala Harris for not rising to the occasion as his second-in-command. According to high-ranking officials in the Biden administration, there is a point of tension between the two leaders.

One former Biden official told Reuters that the president wouldn’t have picked Harris if he didn’t think she was capable, but it’s a question of consistently rising to the occasion. A second former official highlighted that the president doesn’t see Harris as someone who takes anything off of his plate, and that she has been slow to join important political fights.

Harris has faced criticism for her handling of border issues, which she was put in charge of in 2021. She has been criticized for neglecting to visit the border, and for failing to reduce illegal immigration.

The report also reveals tensions between Harris and Democratic Party heavyweights. She reportedly stopped receiving calls from Sen. Elizabeth Warren after the Massachusetts Democrat refused to endorse her for re-election in 2024.

As the Biden administration faces tough challenges, it’s clear that the president needs someone who is willing to step up and rise to the occasion. The question now is whether Harris is up to the task.