Biden’s STUNNING Silence on Proposed Meeting with Gold Star Families – You Won’t Believe What Issa Says

The Gold Star families, who have lost loved ones in military service, have been left waiting by President Joe Biden, according to Rep. Darrell Issa. A proposed meeting with the President has been met with silence, leaving these families feeling forgotten and undervalued.

This lack of response is more than just a political issue; it’s a matter of honor and respect. The Gold Star families represent the highest level of sacrifice for our country, and they deserve acknowledgment and empathy from our nation’s leader.

Issa’s eye-opening reveal has shone a light on an unsettling oversight by the President. It’s not just about a missed meeting; it’s about the message that this silence sends to the military community and the nation.

Conservatives are rightly concerned about this lack of connection and understanding. It’s a reflection of values and priorities, and in this instance, Biden’s silence speaks louder than words.

The Gold Star families deserve more than a waiting game; they deserve recognition, empathy, and respect. The nation watches to see if Biden will step up and correct this error, but the damage may already have been done.

Source Fox news