Could This Decision Change The AI Landscape Forever, This Will Leave You Speechless

Hey, fellow 12th graders! Do you know what artificial intelligence (AI) is? Well, it’s like having a robot that can think for itself, and it’s becoming a big deal in technology. But did you know that Joe Biden wants to destroy America’s leadership in AI? That’s right, folks! He wants to put a pause on AI development, which would only give China the upper hand in building AI that could become the global standard.

As a young person who cares about America’s future, it’s crucial that we don’t let China dominate in technology. We need to continue to invest in AI and ensure that we stay ahead of our competitors. And that means we can’t let Joe Biden destroy America’s leadership in AI.

So, what can we do about it? Well, we need to make sure that regulations on AI are implemented, such as restrictions on open AI models, licensing for new models, and limitations on exporting AI technology. By doing so, we can achieve control over AI development and ensure that America remains a leader in technology.

Let’s not let Joe Biden destroy America’s future in AI. We need to take the necessary steps to keep America first and ensure that we continue to lead in technology development.

Source Fox News