Dem Strategists Go WILD Defending Biden’s Silence: You Won’t Guess Their Astonishing Excuse

The recent stunning development in Democratic circles is their insistence that President Joe Biden is a “nice person,” even in the face of his glaring silence on the Hawaii fire tragedy. Such a defense has left conservatives and many Americans astounded and bewildered.

While the President’s personality may be a subject of discussion, it does not absolve him of his responsibilities as a leader. The statement that “words don’t matter,” as revealed by Democratic strategists, is not only insensitive but also dismissive of the very real pain and loss experienced by the victims of the fire.

Conservatives argue that words indeed matter, especially in times of crisis. A President’s words should reflect empathy, understanding, and commitment to action. This stunning defense of Biden’s silence is a troubling indication of the administration’s priorities and values.

Being a nice person is not enough. Leadership requires action, compassion, and a willingness to stand with the American people in times of need. Anything less is a disservice to those who look to the President for guidance and hope.

Source Fox news