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Recent revelations have shed light on the connections between President Joe Biden and his son’s business dealings. A 2011 note from then-Vice President Biden to his son’s business partner, Devon Archer, has surfaced, providing compelling evidence of Biden’s awareness of their joint venture.

The note, reported by the New York Post, showcases Biden expressing regret for not being able to converse with Archer at an event where he was hosting then-Chinese President Hu Jintao. The letter reads, “I apologize for not getting a chance to talk to you at the luncheon yesterday. I was having trouble getting away from hosting President Hu. I hope I get a chance to see you again soon with Hunter. I hope you enjoyed lunch. Thanks for coming.”

Notably, Biden added a personal touch with a handwritten footnote, “Happy you guys are together,” indicating a close relationship with his son’s business endeavors.

These recent findings add to the growing evidence of Biden’s involvement in his son’s business affairs. A former business partner, Tony Bobulinski, previously disclosed an email from Hunter Biden’s laptop referencing “10% for the big guy,” referring to Joe Biden.

Additionally, Archer’s testimony during a closed-door congressional interview emphasized that Hunter Biden’s value in business deals was tied to the Biden “brand.” Despite attempts to dismiss these conversations as mere pleasantries, the interview transcript revealed their significance.

It becomes evident that these interactions were strategic, leveraging Joe Biden’s position and influence as Vice President to facilitate business opportunities. These revelations raise serious questions about the ethical implications of the Biden family’s actions.

As conservative opinion writers, we must stay informed and hold our leaders accountable. While some media outlets might downplay these findings, we must remain steadfast in seeking the truth. Transparency is vital for upholding our democracy, and the American people deserve full disclosure about those who govern them. Let’s continue to follow this story diligently and demand honesty and integrity from our leaders.

Source Fox News