Famous Singer DESTROYS Woke, To Good To Miss

Avril Lavigne made headlines at the 2023 Juno Awards when a topless protester interrupted her introduction of performer AP Dhillon.

While the protester had several statements written on her body, including environmental slogans and a reference to a recent government decision in Ontario, Lavigne refused to let the interruption derail the show. Instead, she took control of the situation and told the protester to “get the f— off.”

Social media users and viewers praised Lavigne for her no-nonsense attitude, with many journalists and reporters also giving her credit. Lavigne later referenced the protestor in her tweet after the awards show, thanking er fans for their support and using humor to address the situation.

As Republicans, we can appreciate Lavigne’s willingness to take a stand and fight for her beliefs. Her attitude is a reminder that we should never back down from what we believe in, no matter who tries to interrupt or distract us.

We should also be mindful of the issues the protester was raising awareness for, including environmental protection and government decision-making.

Overall, Avril Lavigne’s response to the topless protester at the Juno Awards should be applauded. Her no-nonsense attitude is an example for us all, and we should follow her lead in standing up for what we believe in and making a difference in the world.