From Presidential Praise To Financial Trouble: Unraveling The Tale

Hello, my conservative friends! Let’s delve into a story that pulls back the curtain on President Biden’s claims of green energy success. We’ve all heard his speeches and seen the photo ops, but there’s more to the story. Proterra, the electric bus company that Biden championed, has filed for bankruptcy, citing market challenges as the culprit.

In a surprising twist, Proterra has sought Chapter 11 reorganization to tackle their financial troubles head-on. While they assure us that business will continue, the fact remains that this move casts a shadow over Biden’s endorsements. Gareth Joyce, Proterra’s CEO, is talking up their EV and battery tech, but external factors like “”market and macroeconomic headwinds”” are clearly taking a toll.

Remember when Biden proudly proclaimed his past as a bus driver during his Proterra tours? Well, the bankruptcy filing raises questions about his judgment in backing the right horses. Proterra’s struggles underline the need to scrutinize more than just words – actions matter. It’s our responsibility as conservatives to monitor the outcomes of these policies and ensure accountability.

Stay vigilant, stay informed, and let’s separate the rhetoric from the reality.

Source Fox News