Guess Who’s Losing Favor Among Party Members, You’ll Be Surprised

Republicans are even lower, with just 15%. While her approval ratings have improved slightly among independents and Republicans, her overall approval rating is only 43%, and her personal favorability rating is net negative by 16 points.

This is concerning for students because the Vice President is expected to run for president in 2024. As future voters, it is important to understand the approval ratings of potential candidates and what they mean for the future of the country. Additionally, the current political climate is highly partisan, and national politicians have a hard cap on approval ratings in the mid-forties.

One reason for Harris’ low approval ratings is her perceived lack of accomplishment as Vice President. Students should be aware of the policies and issues that Harris has been involved in and how they have affected the country. For example, her handling of the border crisis has been criticized by both Republicans and Democrats. It is important for students to understand the policies and issues that are important to them and how potential candidates have addressed them.

Another factor is Harris’ perceived lack of charisma and likability. Students should pay attention to the way that potential candidates present themselves and how they connect with voters. Charisma and likability are important qualities for any leader, and students should consider these qualities when evaluating potential candidates.

Overall, the approval ratings of Kamala Harris should be a concern for students as future voters. It is important to understand the policies and issues that potential candidates have been involved in and how they have affected the country.

Additionally, students should consider the qualities that make a good leader, such as charisma and likability. As future voters, students have the power to shape the future of the country, and it is important to be informed and engaged in the political process.

Source Fox News