Harris’ UNSETTLING Performance: What Biden Supporters Won’t Admit

Vice President Kamala Harris’ recent appearance on the “Late Show” with Stephen Colbert has left many conservative observers questioning her ability to lead and communicate effectively.

Harris attempted to display her lighter side by comparing her role in the White House to the HBO comedy “Veep,” but this tactic backfired when she failed to answer essential questions regarding her responsibilities.

Harris offered an amusing anecdote about her office being filled with smoke due to a fireplace mishap. However, when Colbert asked about her day-to-day duties as vice president, Harris sidestepped the question, instead praising President Joe Biden for his leadership and understanding of the role.

Even when Colbert humorously called her out on her evasion, Harris offered only a brief mention of her recent attendance at the Munich Security Conference, where she accused Russia of “crimes against humanity” in its invasion of Ukraine.

As a conservative opinion writer, I am deeply concerned by Harris’ inability to answer essential questions about her role in the executive branch.

The American people deserve leaders who are transparent, accountable, and capable of addressing pressing issues. Harris’ evasive and comedic performance on the “Late Show” does not inspire confidence in her ability to lead or communicate effectively.