Hawaii in Flames: Trump’s Furious Take on Biden’s Inaction Will Have You APPLAUDING

The wildfires in Maui have been a source of national concern, with many looking to their leaders for guidance and support. Former President Trump, known for his forthright opinions, took to TruthSocial to share his thoughts on the matter.

Trump’s message was clear and heartfelt. He expressed his deep sympathy and condolences to the people of Hawaii affected by the wildfires. He emphasized the unprecedented nature of the disaster and the significant loss of life and property. However, his message also contained sharp criticism of the current administration’s handling of the situation.

Trump took issue with Hawaii Governor Josh Green’s response, accusing him of deflecting blame to global warming. But his most scathing remarks were aimed at President Biden. Trump expressed his disbelief and disappointment at Biden’s lack of comment on the tragedy. He found Biden’s demeanor, particularly his smile when saying “no comment,” to be deeply inappropriate.

Source Fox news