Inside The White House: Who’s Getting The Cold Shoulder

President Biden’s recent communication with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has sparked outrage among Republicans, who accuse Biden of interfering in Israeli domestic affairs and adopting a hostile stance towards the democratically elected Israeli government.

Comments from progressive Democrats, such as Pramila Jayapal’s labeling of Israel as a “”racist state,”” have further strained the relationship between the Democratic Party and Israel. While some House Democrats have condemned Jayapal’s remarks, divisions within the party persist.

The strained relationship between Biden and Netanyahu is evident, with Biden expressing disapproval of Israeli judicial reforms. Republicans are concerned about Biden’s alleged hostility towards Israel and the lack of a strong stance on Iran’s nuclear program.


Republicans are deeply troubled by Biden’s perceived interference in Israeli affairs and his hostile stance towards the Israeli government.
Progressive comments, such as Jayapal’s, have widened the gap between the Democratic Party and Israel, leading to concerns about the normalization of antisemitism.
The strained relationship between Biden and Netanyahu is apparent, with disagreements over Israeli judicial reforms adding to the tensions.

Republicans believe that a pro-Israel president is needed to repair the U.S.-Israel relationship and prioritize Israel’s security.
Concerns persist regarding Biden’s approach to Iran’s nuclear program, with Republicans calling for a stronger stance.


The recent developments in U.S.-Israel relations under the Biden administration have deeply concerned Republicans. They argue that Biden’s actions and policies reflect a lack of support for Israel and compromise the historically strong alliance between the two countries. The Democratic Party’s divisions on Israel, coupled with perceived hostility towards the Israeli government, have only added to the Republican frustration.

Republicans believe that a pro-Israel president is essential to repair the relationship and ensure the security of both nations. The ongoing tensions with Iran’s nuclear program further exacerbate concerns, as Republicans call for a stronger stance against Iran’s threats to regional stability. It remains to be seen how the Biden administration will address these concerns and whether the U.S.-Israel relationship can be restored to its former strength.

Source Fox News