Legal Challenges Strengthen Trump’s Popularity, You Need to See This

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has come under fire from critics for signing a new law aimed at preventing tech companies from censoring conservative viewpoints. The law allows the state to fine companies that “deplatform” political candidates in the state, as well as allowing Floridians to sue tech companies that censor them.

Critics have accused DeSantis of attacking free speech and pandering to his conservative base ahead of his expected run for president in 2024.

They also argue that the law is likely to be struck down in court as unconstitutional, as the First Amendment generally prohibits the government from dictating how private companies regulate speech.

Supporters of the law, however, argue that tech companies have become too powerful and need to be held accountable for their censorship practices. They also point out that the law only applies to companies with over 100 million monthly users, meaning that smaller tech companies are exempt.