MTG BLASTS ‘The View’ After Derogatory Comments, What They Said Will SHOCK You

Republican voters were outraged by actress and activist Jane Fonda’s recent comments on The View about abortion. During the episode, Fonda made a controversial remark when asked about additional actions to take in support of maintaining reproductive rights, stating “Murder.”

This comment did not sit well with pro-life politicians like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Rep. Anna Paulina Luna. Greene took to Twitter to slam Fonda and hold her accountable for any potential violence against pro-life activists.

Luna, a pro-life member of Congress, also took the comment seriously and notified Capitol Police of the threat. She demanded a full retraction and clarification from both Fonda and The View, stating that such violent rhetoric can lead to targeting and harm.

Fonda’s comments were not only offensive but also dangerous, and it is important for Republican voters to stand up against such violent rhetoric. As Rep. Greene pointed out, those involved in giving Fonda a platform to make such remarks are also responsible for any potential harm caused to pro-life activists.

Pro-life politicians and activists often face threats and violence, and Fonda’s comments only add fuel to the fire. It is important for all Americans, regardless of their political views, to denounce any calls for violence and to support the right to life for all individuals, including unborn babies.

Fonda’s comments on The View were not only offensive but also reckless and irresponsible. Pro-life politicians and activists deserve to have their beliefs respected and protected, and it is important for all Americans to stand up against any calls for violence or harm against them.

Republican voters should continue to advocate for the protection of unborn babies and the rights of pro-life activists, while also rejecting any violent rhetoric or behavior. It is up to all of us to create a safe and respectful society for all individuals, regardless of their political beliefs.