NBA Team Enters The ‘Woke Storm’, GUESS Who’s In Trouble Now

The Toronto Raptors have come under fire for a Women’s History Month promotion that honors women. The promotion features players from the roster appearing on camera and commenting on women. However, the team has been criticized for daring to make the statement that women should be celebrated for their ability to give birth.

This innocuous comment has been blown out of proportion by the woke virtue activist set, who are determined to completely bastardize science, conventions, and women in general in the name of militant inclusiveness.

This is just the beginning of a month-long idiocy marathon, as the primary goal seems to be to disenfranchise those being recognized by erasing women in the form of redefining what is a rather defined word.

The Toronto Raptors have apologized for the insensitivity displayed in the PSA, and the video has been removed. However, it is unclear what exactly was insensitive about stating the fact that women give birth, which is a rather great thing.

The controversy surrounding the PSA highlights the absurdity of those who are saying that some people still affixed with male plumbing are female and that some who can give birth are considered a man.

It is time to face two realities: if you are a “woman” who cannot give birth, you are still included in the category of women, and therefore in no way is it offensive as you are not excluded.

If you are saying that some who can give birth declare themselves to be a man, they should in no way be offended by WOMEN’S History Month. They have removed themselves from the category so it no longer applies.

This Women’s History Month controversy should not be taken seriously, as these are professional athletes who had all of about two seconds to say something. If you are offended by this comment, then it is a You problem.

The team could choose to do nothing to recognize the month, or do away with honoring women altogether, but that would only fuel the controversy. Ultimately, it is time to stop becoming unraveled over the slightest non-offense and laugh at all the biology deniers.