New BIDEN Revelation SURPRISES No One, We Knew The Issue Already

As President Joe Biden reaches the age of 80, critics and supporters alike are questioning whether he should seek re-election in 2024. Despite passing his annual physical exam fit for office, the lack of a mental status exam has raised further doubts about his capacity to campaign and run a country at the same time.

The president himself admitted that worries over his age were “totally legitimate” and expressed that people should watch him before coming to any conclusions. ABC News’ David Muir asked if this would be a deciding factor in re-election, to which Biden responded “No”, but acknowledged that it was fair for questions to be raised.

A New York Times columnist suggested that due to Biden’s age, running another full term as president may provide too much of an obstacle due to the demanding nature of campaigning in real life, as opposed to 2020’s mostly virtual election process.

As support and criticism over the aged president mount in preparation for another election cycle, it remains uncertain whether or not President Biden will decide it best to continue forward with his candidacy or if he will take everyone’s opinion into consideration and find someone better suited for the role. Until then, there is sure to be continued discussion up until a decision is made clear.