New Peter Pan Movie Goes ‘Woke’ And You Won’t Believe The Changes

Disney’s latest live-action remake of “Peter Pan and Wendy” has stirred up controversy among fans after the release of its trailer featuring female Lost Boy characters.

\This change to the original J.M. Barrie story has sparked backlash on social media as critics accuse Disney of pushing inclusive politics.
The preview appeared to follow the same story beats as the original until the characters reached Neverland.

When Wendy (played by Ever Anderson) came face-to-face with the Lost Boys, she commented that they were not all boys. One of the girls responded with a defiant, “So?!”

This alteration to the century-old story has caused a stir among social media users, with many accusing Disney of trying to rewrite classics to push “woke” themes. Some fans have even threatened to boycott the film if the female characters are not removed.

While the inclusion of female Lost Boys may seem like a step towards inclusivity, critics argue that it goes against the very essence of the original story.

The Lost Boys were a group of boys who had been lost in the woods and had never seen a girl before, which added to the charm and wonder of the story. Adding girls to the mix completely changes the dynamic of the tale.

This move by Disney is the latest in a long line of reboots and sequels that have sought to update classic films with “woke” themes. As reported by Fox News Digital, this trend has resulted in a painful month for the Disney corporation financially, with a massive layoff of over 7,000 employees and a 2.4-million subscriber loss to their streaming service.

In conclusion, Disney’s decision to include female Lost Boys in their “Peter Pan and Wendy” remake has sparked controversy among fans, with many accusing the corporation of pushing inclusive politics.

While the inclusion of diverse characters is a noble effort, it’s important not to lose sight of the essence of the original story. Disney should think twice before making significant changes to classic tales that have enchanted generations.