Not on Biden’s Side? This Iran-Related News Will Have You Questioning Everything

The recent Pentagon report on Iran-backed groups highlights the ongoing challenges in the Middle East.

While President Biden’s retaliatory airstrikes in Syria were a start, more needs to be done to address Iran’s aggressive behavior.

Iran is emboldened and will continue to attack U.S. positions, using drones and rockets.

The Biden administration must take a tougher stance against Iran-backed attacks, be they in Syria or Iraq or emanating from one domain but striking the other.

Failure to do so will only lead to more deaths. Republican Rep. Andy Barr of Kentucky rightly noted that “weakness invites aggression.”

The Biden administration’s proposed sanctions relief to Iran would actually embolden proxy terror groups and help Iran finance the very terrorists who attacked our assets and American soldiers.

It’s time for Congress to recognize that the lack of diplomatic progress, not the lack of sanctions, is leaving us vulnerable and insecure.

Until that changes, we will only continue to see escalating threats and increasing prospects for what would be a devastating war.