Oops! Someone’s Criticism Just Backfired, You’ll Never Guess Who

Donald Trump has been on a relentless campaign to discredit Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, even claiming that Florida is a high-tax hellhole.

However, critics are pushing back against Trump’s accusations, pointing out that hundreds of thousands of people have moved to Florida in the last couple of years, suggesting that the state is doing well.


Trump’s criticisms of DeSantis are not unique and have been used in the past against governors running for national office
DeSantis’ Super PAC offered to pay for Trump to move to California
Trump’s sudden dark view of Florida doesn’t match up with the large number of people moving to the state

It’s not surprising that Trump is attacking DeSantis’ record as governor, especially since he has endorsed him in the past.

However, Trump’s claims that Florida is a high-tax hellhole seem misguided when we consider the number of people moving to the state. It’s clear that Trump’s sudden negative view of Florida doesn’t hold up when we consider the facts.

source https://www.foxnews.com/media/trump-declares-war-florida-heated-attempt-tarnish-desantis