Oops! Something Went Wrong And You Won’t Believe What It Is

In a bold move that left no room for excuses, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas took to Twitter to shed light on the ongoing crisis at the United States-Mexico border. With a series of powerful videos, Cruz made it clear that the responsibility for the chaos lies squarely on the shoulders of President Joe Biden.

Standing next to a barbed wire barrier that stretches along the border, Cruz pointed towards Mexico, emphasizing that there are over 22,000 illegal immigrants just across the river. He didn’t mince words when he addressed President Biden, stating unequivocally, “Joe Biden, this is your fault!”

Cruz continued his impassioned plea by highlighting the heartbreaking consequences of illegal crossings. He held President Biden accountable for the lives lost during these dangerous journeys, the women who suffer sexual abuse, the children who endure unimaginable brutality, and the victims of drug overdoses that reached a staggering 100,000 last year.

Demanding action from the president, Cruz challenged him to visit the border and witness the madness firsthand. “Come down here President Biden. Stop hiding in the basement, stop pretending this misery is not your fault, stop it. This is not humane, this is not compassionate. This is cruel,” he urged.

Cruz then turned his attention to the imminent expiration of Title 42, a public health order that has helped curb the influx of illegal immigration. He warned that once this measure expires, the invasion will intensify, exacerbating what is already the worst illegal immigration crisis in our nation’s history.

In a second video, Cruz walked along a road near the Rio Grande and made a disturbing discovery. He found a small sandal belonging to a girl who couldn’t be more than five or six years old. His words echoed the sentiments of many concerned Americans, describing the situation as horrific and cruel.

He placed blame squarely on President Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and every congressional Democrat for allowing this crisis to unfold.

As the Title 42 expiration deadline approached, Cruz shared his stark condemnation of President Biden and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

He accused them of failing to protect Texas and allowing a full-blown invasion to unfold.

While Mayorkas attempted to reassure the public that the border remains secure, Cruz’s videos and unwavering dedication to the truth paint a different picture. The surge of migrants encountered by Border Patrol agents, with numbers reaching over 10,000 individuals per day, speaks volumes about the severity of the situation.

It is clear that President Biden’s policies, including the reinstatement of catch and release, halting construction of the wall, and terminating the Remain in Mexico policy, have created a disastrous outcome.

The American people deserve answers, accountability, and immediate action to address this crisis. It is time for President Biden to acknowledge his mistakes and take decisive measures to secure our borders.

Source Fox News