OUTRAGE: Biden’s Flight Over East Palestine, Ohio – A Mistake or a Message?

In a move that has left many stunned, President Biden’s recent flight to Milwaukee nearly took him directly over East Palestine, Ohio. The near miss has sparked a debate over the truth behind his visit and the message he was trying to send.

The flight path, which was just miles away from the small conservative town, has raised questions about the administration’s intentions. Was it a deliberate act, a message to the conservative community, or simply a coincidence?

The incident has drawn attention to the broader issues surrounding the Biden administration’s economic policies. The near flyover of East Palestine has become a symbol of the disconnect between the administration and the conservative heartland.

Whether intentional or not, the near miss has added fuel to the fire of political debate. It serves as a reminder that every move made by those in power is scrutinized and can have unintended consequences.

The truth behind the Milwaukee visit and the near flyover of East Palestine may never be fully understood. However, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the growing divide in our nation and the need for transparency and understanding.

Source Fox news