A recent encounter between a man and Nancy Pelosi has sparked discussions about the use of US funds, specifically why $150 billion is going towards Ukraine instead of helping the homeless population in San Francisco. While Pelosi attempted to provide an answer, the man asked if Pelosi’s son is involved with Hunter Biden.

The United States has spent around $75 billion on the war in Ukraine, but with President Joe Biden pledging another $10 billion, the total amount will be around $85 billion. In comparison, Russia spent around $82 billion on the Ukraine invasion.

San Francisco’s homelessness crisis has been well-documented, with thousands of people living on the streets while the city is filled with drug needles and human feces. Despite this, Pelosi has reportedly made tens of millions while in office and is often accused of insider trading.

Paul Pelosi, Nancy’s husband, sold $5 million in Taiwanese chip-maker NVIDIA ahead of a critical trade vote. The vote was regarding the CHIPS Act, which aimed to subsidize the US semiconductor industry and wean the tech industry off of Taiwan’s semiconductors. This move led to the introduction of the Preventing Elected Leaders from Owning Securities and Investments (PELOSI) Act by Sen. Josh Hawley.

While it is uncertain if Pelosi’s son is involved in business with Hunter Biden, corruption expert Peter Schweizer noted the similarities between the two. Pelosi’s son has taken on a consulting job that is similar to Hunter Biden’s work.

Additionally, Pelosi flew to the Asian Pacific region as concerns about China’s looming threat grow, and her son accompanied her on the trip. Schweizer criticized this move as a way to leverage her position to promote her son’s business ventures.

Overall, Pelosi’s political and financial activities have caused concern among some, and the use of US funds towards Ukraine while homelessness persists in San Francisco only adds to this frustration.

The introduction of the PELOSI Act aims to prevent elected officials from using their positions for personal financial gain. It remains to be seen if this act will gain support and be passed into law.