Secretly Steering The Ship: The Story You Haven’t Heard.

Ladies and gentlemen, as a conservative opinion writer, it’s my duty to bring you the truth about Biden’s climate warriors. Today, we dive into the story of Ann Carlson, the failed NHTSA nominee turned acting administrator, and the high cost her radical climate agenda poses to America.

You see, Carlson’s nomination was withdrawn after facing criticism from all sides. But did that stop her from holding on to power? No way! She’s still running the show, implementing those aggressive fuel efficiency standards that automakers are balking at.

The plan calls for a 2% and 4% improvement in fuel efficiency for passenger cars and light trucks, respectively, starting in 2027. And they want the average U.S. fleet fuel economy to reach a jaw-dropping 58 miles per gallon by 2032. But here’s the kicker – these standards could increase car prices, making electric vehicles seem like the better choice, even though they’re still way more expensive than our good ol’ gas-powered cars.

And what’s more infuriating is that despite facing Senate rejection, Carlson continues to push Biden’s radical climate agenda. It’s a clear power move from the Biden administration, and we, as conservatives, won’t stand for it.

So, my fellow patriots, it’s time to make some noise. Let’s expose these climate warriors for what they are – pushing an agenda that could cost us over $100 billion.

We must demand accountability and ensure that our hard-earned money is used wisely, not wasted on misguided policies. It’s time to put America first and fight for a future that protects our rights, our wallets, and our great nation!

Source Fox News