SHOCKING, Another Manchin Controversy, And This Time It’s Personal

The controversy surrounding Gayle Manchin’s involvement in advising Coalfield Development raises questions about the political ties that bind our government officials. Coalfield Development’s ACT Now Coalition was one of 21 recipients competing for $100 million in American Rescue Plan funding, and Marshall University and the Charleston Area Alliance, both of which have ties to Manchin’s husband’s campaign, received millions of dollars from the grant.

This raises serious questions about whether the Manchins used their political connections to steer government funds to their allies. It is imperative that we have transparency and accountability in all government actions, and that our officials are held to the highest ethical standards.

We must insist on an end to the cronyism and political favoritism that too often characterize our government. The American people deserve better from their elected officials, and we must demand that they act with integrity and in the public interest.