Shocking discrepancy: CNN’s fact-checker leaves out Biden.

When it comes to fact-checking, one would expect fairness, accuracy, and a commitment to holding all politicians accountable. Unfortunately, CNN’s fact-checking efforts have repeatedly fallen short of these standards, revealing a bias that undermines the network’s credibility.

Chief fact-checker Daniel Dale’s selective focus on Republicans while neglecting to fact-check President Biden raises serious concerns about CNN’s commitment to unbiased reporting. Since March 30, Dale has fact-checked Republicans 21 times, but not a single fact-check has been directed at President Biden during the same period. This skewed approach leaves a gaping hole in the network’s fact-checking coverage.

A closer examination of CNN’s fact-check site confirms this bias. The “Biden White House” section, instead of providing critical analysis of the current administration, is dominated by fact-checks of former President Trump. This disproportionate attention to the past distracts from the present and denies viewers the thorough scrutiny they deserve.

Even more troubling is the lack of fact-checking for President Biden’s own claims. Recent misleading statements about his family, such as the number of granddaughters he has or the circumstances of his son Beau’s death, have gone unchecked. This failure to hold the president accountable raises questions about CNN’s commitment to truth and accuracy.

Tim Graham from the Media Research Center rightly questions the objectivity of so-called “independent fact-checkers.” The biased focus on Republicans, while Democrats escape scrutiny, undermines the very essence of fair fact-checking. It’s clear that CNN’s priorities lie in perpetuating a certain narrative rather than providing impartial analysis.

Source Fox News