Shocking move by a Republican representative regarding President Biden.

A recent attempt by Representative Lauren Boebert to bypass the committee process and push for an immediate vote to impeach President Biden has ignited a heated debate among House Republicans. This move has left party members divided and frustrated, raising concerns about the integrity of the impeachment proceedings.

Chairman James Comer of the House Oversight Committee expressed his disappointment with Boebert’s resolution, citing the committee’s ongoing investigation into corruption allegations against the Biden family. Comer emphasized the need for a thorough examination of the evidence before proceeding with any impeachment actions. The bypassing of the committee process by Boebert has been met with criticism, as it undermines the work being done by the Oversight Committee.

Other Republican representatives also voiced their concerns. Representative Don Bacon of Nebraska criticized the previous majority’s politicization of impeachment, stressing the importance of treating the process seriously. He emphasized the need to follow established procedures, such as involving the Judiciary Committee or Oversight Committee, and basing impeachment on substantiated facts.

Representative Kelly Armstrong of North Dakota echoed these sentiments, highlighting the value of regular order and fair processes. He emphasized the significance of committee access, which was hard-fought for by rank-and-file members. Armstrong believes that utilizing these processes is essential in ensuring a transparent and accountable impeachment process.

While there is division within the party, with some Republicans indicating they would vote against Boebert’s resolution, others believe that impeachment should be pursued through the appropriate channels. Former Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke suggested that the Judiciary Committee, led by Representative Jim Jordan, would be the appropriate venue for a thorough examination of the evidence.

As the fate of Boebert’s resolution remains uncertain, Republicans continue to grapple with finding a consensus on the best way to address their concerns regarding the Biden administration. The ongoing investigations will play a crucial role in determining the next steps. Republicans are committed to ensuring a fair and impartial process that upholds the principles of justice and transparency.

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Source Fox News