Shocking Views on Biden’s Capacity to Handle AI, You Need To See This

Congressional lawmakers are embroiled in a heated debate over who should take the reins of AI oversight, casting doubts on President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’s suitability for the task.

Several prominent Republicans, including Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz and Wisconsin Rep. Mike Gallagher, have raised concerns about Biden and Harris’s ability to navigate the complexities of AI policy. Gaetz even quipped, “I wouldn’t trust Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to be able to successfully operate an iPhone, much less be a key focal point of AI policy.” Instead, Gaetz highlighted the expertise of Democratic representatives Ted Lieu and Ro Khanna on the subject.

Although Biden and Harris engaged with tech executives to discuss AI’s potential risks and rewards, many lawmakers believe other individuals should spearhead these efforts. Gallagher firmly stated that neither the president nor the vice president should be responsible for AI, given its intricate nature.

The Biden administration recently introduced new initiatives aimed at advancing AI research and development, studying its impact on education, and seeking public input to ensure “equity.” However, the question of leadership remains contentious.

Democratic Rep. Frederica Wilson argued that Biden and Harris should jointly lead the White House’s AI initiatives since no one currently possesses a comprehensive grasp of the subject. In contrast, Rep. Tim Burchett, a Republican from Tennessee, expressed disagreement, stating, “We need to address it, but those two are not the ones.” Burchett emphasized that government involvement could exacerbate the situation and that the market should dictate AI’s trajectory.

Fox News interviewed several D.C. residents who shared reservations about Harris’s ability to effectively manage AI affairs. Some lawmakers proposed the formation of a commission comprising AI experts to guide the White House’s initiatives. Republican Rep. Nathaniel Moran believed that involving industry professionals with a deep understanding of AI technology would help address practical challenges.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw, a Texas Republican, voiced skepticism about Biden and Harris’s ability to make a substantial impact in the field of AI. He suggested establishing a commission dedicated to studying and comprehending AI.

The question of AI oversight leadership continues to divide lawmakers. While they acknowledge the need for regulation, the debate over who should assume the role remains unresolved. As discussions persist, the fate of AI policy under the Biden administration hangs in the balance.

Source Fox News