Shush Up! President Biden’s Response to a Reporter’s Query

The mainstream media’s bias and double standard have once again been exposed, as they conveniently choose to ignore President Biden’s recent outbursts towards reporters. This selective coverage is a glaring example of their agenda-driven reporting and lack of journalistic integrity.

When Biden berated New York Post reporter Steven Nelson for asking a legitimate question, major news outlets such as CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, and The Washington Post turned a blind eye to the incident. Their silence is deafening and reveals their hypocrisy, given their constant scrutiny of former President Trump’s every interaction with the press.

Throughout Trump’s presidency, the mainstream media would amplify his clashes with journalists, portraying him as an enemy of the free press and a threat to democracy. They would decry his “vicious attacks” and blame his rhetoric for inciting violence against reporters. However, when Biden displays similar behavior, they choose to look the other way, failing to hold him accountable.

This biased agenda undermines the media’s credibility and erodes public trust. It is evident that they prioritize their own political narratives over objective reporting. Their silence on Biden’s outbursts reveals their true colors and their willingness to protect politicians who align with their ideological leanings.

As passionate Republican voters, we must not rely solely on mainstream media outlets for our news. It is crucial to seek alternative sources that provide a more balanced perspective and do not shy away from holding all politicians accountable for their actions. By doing so, we can stay informed and make educated decisions based on the full truth.

We must challenge the mainstream media’s double standards and demand transparency and fairness in reporting. It is our responsibility to seek out diverse viewpoints and form our own opinions. Together, we can unmask media bias and ensure that our democracy thrives on accurate and unbiased information.

Source Fox News