Surprising! Biden Labeled As Anti-Parent Education President

First lady Jill Biden’s recent assertion that her husband, President Joe Biden, is the “education president” has faced significant pushback from education leaders and concerned parents across the nation. While the claim was intended to highlight the president’s commitment to education, a closer examination of the facts reveals a different story.

Critics argue that Biden’s record on education raises serious doubts about his claim. Sheri Few, president and founder of United States Parents Involved in Education, pointed out the president’s alignment with the liberal National Education Association (NEA) agenda, which has been met with criticism from parents and conservatives alike. Few also highlighted the Department of Justice’s attempt to label parents as domestic terrorists for objecting to explicit content and critical Marxist theories in schools.

Furthermore, the release of the “Nation’s Report Card” showed a troubling decline in reading and math scores among 13-year-olds, reaching their lowest levels in decades. This decline has been attributed to the prolonged school closures that critics claim the Biden administration encouraged, raising questions about the effectiveness of their approach to education.

Erika Sanzi, director of outreach at Parents Defending Education and a former educator, expressed strong concerns about Biden’s handling of education. Sanzi criticized the president for prioritizing the demands of teachers’ unions over the well-being of students, leading to extended school closures and a regression in reading and math proficiency.

Dr. Jameson Taylor, American Family Association senior fellow and director of policy for AFA Action, emphasized Biden’s missed opportunity to be a transformative figure in education. Taylor argued that instead of prioritizing fundamental subjects like reading, writing, and math, the president has been preoccupied with implementing divisive ideologies such as critical race theory (CRT) and transgender policies, which have undermined student safety and compromised educational goals.

It is clear that Biden’s claim of being the education president does not align with the realities on the ground. The criticism and concerns voiced by education leaders and parents reflect the need for a comprehensive reevaluation of the administration’s approach to education.

As citizens invested in the future of our nation, it is crucial that we hold our leaders accountable and demand transparency and accountability in education policies. Our children’s academic success should not be sacrificed for political agendas or divisive ideologies. Let us advocate for a return to evidence-based practices, a focus on core subjects, and a commitment to providing quality education that prepares our students for the challenges of the future.

Source Fox News