Surprising Calls for a Senator to Step Down, You Won’t Believe What’s Happening

Senator Dianne Feinstein’s health is becoming a growing concern among Democrats, with some calling for her resignation. Feinstein has been recovering from shingles for nearly two months, and her absence leaves Democrats without a critical single-vote margin to secure passage of legislation.

Calls for her resignation are coming from some Democrats, including Congressman Ro Khanna of California and Congressman Dean Phillips of Minnesota. However, other Democrats are pushing back against the calls, with Senator Chris Murphy saying he is “offended” by them and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi charging that they are sexist.

Feinstein has asked Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to temporarily replace her on the Judiciary Committee so that President Joe Biden’s judicial appointments are not held up by her absence. However, Senate rules require at least 60 votes for such a swap, which could be difficult to secure.

The situation is complex, and it remains to be seen what the ultimate outcome will be. Democrats need to find a way to handle the situation without losing their critical single-vote margin in the Senate.